The “Show your own gold – a European Concept to Visualize and Reflect One’s Vocational Biography Using Digital Media” project is developing a model of intervention for vocational preparation based on helping young people use digital media to construct their vocational biographies. The project is developing an on-line environment which young people can use to showcase the competences they have acquired both formally and informally throughout their lives. The skills they need to construct this digital narrative will be developed through a modular programme of teaching and learning activities in each country supported by a training the trainer programme in order that other organisations can deliver the same opportunities.

Here is the presentation¬† “The concept of visual vocational biography design in the framework of digital media and German VET research” as the introduction to the symposium “Facilitating learning by enabling young unemployed people to visually reflect their vocational and educational biography in different European countries” at the ECER 2015 in Budapest by Daniela Reimann, KIT for the “Show your own Gold” project.

The project had already the first training sessions:

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