Training session

At the end of the training, trainers will be able to:

  • Identify the knowledge, skills and competences that they will personally need to deliver the Gold modules
  • Describe the demographic and social profile of the group(s) they intend to work with and discuss some of their expectations
  • List the opportunities they have to support and scaffold student development in the context of Gold and those they could create
  • Explore different training formats and methodologies that can be used to deliver the modules and the attractions and downsides of each e.g coaching, mentoring, face-to-face course, online formats
  • Distinguish between content knowledge, process skills and personal IT competences and explain how this will impact on training young people.
  • Construct a set of learning objectives and define learning outcomes for a learning intervention for a group of young people they will work with.
  • Design a programme of activities to achieve these objectives and experiment with a range of methods which are reflexive – that is, they reflect the objectives and content that the young people could use.
  • Be familiar with a broad range of online tools, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they could be used and adapted to support and improve teaching and learning in a variety of educational contexts.