0cd2ff5a475cecdc9e0f2999235e856e55f2b596We have used this with primary, secondary and youth groups in a variety of ways, including digital story-telling.

Basically it is image recognition software for creating and sharing augmented reality experiences. ‘Readers’ use their mobile device cameras to scan images in their physical environment to trigger a link to separate images / video / text / audio which then ‘hover’ above their screens.

The way we used it for story telling was to ask students to collect or create images to illustrate their storyboard. They did this on Popplet.  They could use their own still pictures, hand drawn pictures, cartoons, images cut from magazines or downloaded from the web. They then added content ‘behind’ the image using Aurasma.

If you want to see some of the work that even young children can do, look on the Taccle2 website