1. Invite in a professional photographer to show some images and discuss their interpretation with participants – what do they evoke? What mood? What is the story behind the picture? What was the photographer trying to convey?
  2. Individuals search their mobile phones and choose an image that is important /interesting to them that says something about themselves or something that happened to them.
  3. Three questions – e.g How would I like to be represented in a self portrait? …How would I like to be represented in the future? etc
  4. In groups, photograph each other with a mobile. Individuals being photographed think about how they want to be represented and ‘direct’ the others.
  5. Look at painted portraits, past and modern.  How do they differ? Individuals choose one they identify with. What is the story?
  6. Get the professional photographer to take their picture. Individuals discuss with photographer how they want to be represented. Individuals to select the photograph they like best.  Give them a print as a present.
  7. Search for portraits of people on the web, individuals select one they would like to be.  Use an app such as Face Over Lite, Face on Face to put their own face on the person.  How do they think they would feel if they were that person? Why would they like it? Does this say anything about their ambitions or what they like or do not like about themselves?