IMG_0809Really enjoyed the presentation by Fernando about the training the trainer workshop in Spain.  These are some of the processes and ideas that I can use in our workshops.

  • A key principle underpinning the training the trainer workshop in Spain was that they should experience the same – or similar process – to that which their students / trainees would experience. On this basis, trainers were asked to classify the knowledge, skills and competences they had that they were bringing to the project. They used post-it notes stuck on the wall but were free to do this in whatever way they wanted.
  • Two of the trainers who already work with the target group of young people led the session on understanding the demographic and social profile of these young people. Trainers were then asked to share their fears and expectations about working with this group.
  • For the second day trainers were asked to bring to the group a personal story that they were going to work on. They then worked through the same process that is envisaged for young people.  They planned exactly what part of their story they wanted to tell, then storyboarded it and chose the media they were going to use. Important not to allow the storyboarding to be tram-lined into linear format.
  • There was a short introduction about what different software did then they were invited to ‘play’ with the software already set up on computers.  The options presented were Sway, Prezi, Timeline, Movie Maker, Educa Tic, iMovie, Final Cut.  One trainer wanted to use Powtoon which she had already used.
  • A key learning point was managing the tension between ‘challenging’ and ‘frustrating’. It is important to extend the skills and knowledge of students so that it is a learning experience and they feel it is worthwhile but important that they do not choose something too complicated or beyond the scope of the support available so that they end up not being able to achieve an end product they are happy with.
  • On the final day each trainer presented their work.  They are going to continue to finish their stories after the workshop. The trainers felt quite ‘exposed’ doing this – young people will feel the same.  They agreed that they would show the young people the stories they had created to build trust.
  • An important aspect of the process was the recording the process in writing and using photographs and video.