Screencasting_WebScreencasting allows you to capture what you currently have going on your computer screen. Do you recall the various tutorials you’ve seen related to Diigo, Digital Storytelling, Twitter, Facebook, Animoto, VoiceThread, and many others? Those are examples of screencasting because the creators are taking you through a step by step video tutorial on how to use the product or website. For example, here is a Diigo tutorial from the Diigo page on a wiki: Diigo Tutorial. The viewer is able to see exactly what the creator is showing us on how to use and navigate through Diigo.
Not only can the creator of a screencast record and show others a step by step process of how to go by using a digital tool but they are also recording their steps at the same time.

snagitWe use ScreencastomaticJing and Snagit

There is a list of other tools here.

Remember you will still need to storyboard your screencast. Think about what you need open and ready to show on your desktop. It is also useful to close things like Skype and disable your notifications before pressing record.jing-logo

Screencasting vs. Screenshot
Screencasting (video) is a way to capture the screen you have in view on your computer and then animate it. The differnt plateforms, Snagit, Jing etc., provide ools that you use to point out specific things, features,and/or information on the screen. You do not have to copy or paste anything, the program does it for you. What these programs are doing are capturing your screen, your actions, and your voice. Think of screencasting as an animated tutorial of what you have on screen and what you want to tell your viewers about it.

Screenshot (still) is a way of capturing what you have on-screen and then copy and pasting it into another program. You can add features from the other program such as with the Paint program. You can add a circle around something you want to share with your viewers but it will not be animated. You will have to use text to explain what you are emphazingon the screen. kate

Note – programs such as Jing will allow you to do both screenshots and screen casting.