Fernando presented a great activity making my role to summarise it a difficult task.

Objective of the activity:

  • explore own biography and help participants capture what they want;
  • increase self confidence by encouraging their peers of giving positive feedback


2-4 hours (for a group of 10-15 participants)

Materials needed:

  • portraits (photos) taken of the participants
  • an A4 page with a copy of the photo
  • pens


Step 1: You offer each participant his portrait. Before hand you show it to the whole group and ask about what insights the image gives the group. What stories triggers their photo? What story do they imagine it tells the image?

Then you put their photos in front of them on the table. They are not allowed to touch but if they don’t like the pictures of them you can turn it upside down.

Step 2: Each participant gets the A4 page with the small copy of his/her portrait and is encouraged to write their own story.

Step 3 (optional): Invite them in front of the group and encourage them to share their story.

Tips for the trainer:

  • don’t be judgemental – your role is to listen and observe
  • help participants to put their comments towards others in a positive language
  • for the people receiving the feedback on their portraits – encourage them to shut up and just listen