Moving On: Getting rid of negative feelings

What do you want to say to these people right now? Write the letter put it in an envelope then discuss with a partner if you are ready to burn it and how this makes you feel.

(NB letters are NOT actually sent!)






Personal networks: Look how many friends I have!

How can these people support you? Who could you contact if you wanted:

  • Tea and sympathy because you had a bad day in college?
  • Help with a job application?
  • Someone who might know about temporary or part-time work?
  • Someone who would be honest about your strengths and weakness?
  • Someone to go on a night out with?
  • Someone who has known you for ever?
  • Someone you weren’t very nice to?
  • Someone who has upset you?
  • help with dealing with a problem with your boy / girlfriend?
  • advice on dealing with a problem at work or college?
  • Someone who…?



My year in photos: A snapshot of me

Using ‘My Year in Photos’ you can choose to represent just one year of your life or your whole life.












The bio-selfie: What does my selfie say about me?