Digital Narratives

In the SYOG Erasmus+ project it is intended to support young people and empower them to become active designers of their own vocational biography, based on the positive strengths and competences they already have but are not aware about. The young people were perceived as being the experts of their own biography, with which we wanted them to deal with in a creative and positive way. In the project, the development of visual biographical narratives for learning was identified to support the young people’s ability to reflect about their own strengths and vocational perspectives. It was defined as an approach to integrate creative processes with a variety of digital media and visual methods to support self-development, include the issue of authorship, methods of collaboration and communication through team based arrangements. It allow for multimodality, relating to diverse modes of interacting with media, materials, modes of access and perspectives. Within the individual narratives, the issue of digital presence was identified important.

In this section you can find examples produced by people working on the project or by other people. We hope these will inspire you to create your own.