The project aims to support EU and national policy makers for what concerns the development & implementation of new VET related policies towards a European concept of successful vocational biography design. The following dissemination activities were realized:

ECER 2015 symposium  “Facilitating Learning By Enabling Young Unemployed People To Visually Reflect Their Vocational And Educational Biography In Different European Countries” about the project:  (verlinken mit


1. Reimann, Daniela: ‘The concept of visual vocational biography design in the framework of digital media and German VET research: lecture in the symposium ‘Facilitating learning by enabling young unemployed people to visually reflect their vocational and educational biography in different European countries’, ECER conference 2015, Education and Transition – Contributions from Educational Research, Budapest (Corvinus University), 7-11 September 2015

2. Fernando Hernandez, Juana Maria Sancho, Rachel Fendler, University of Barcelona
Visual Biographical Narratives As Living Inquiring Process (11.40-12.00)

3. Liliana Voicu,  SC AxA Consulting 99 SRL: (12.00-12.20)
Targeting Youth Unemployment Through Financing Of Vocational Preparation – A Case Study From Romania

4. Graham Attwell, Jenny Hughes, Pontydysgu (11.20-11.40)
New Skills And New Jobs: Developing Vocational Biographies In A Time Of Precariousness And Austerity

Reimann, Daniela zus. mit Fischer, Martin: Neue Konzepte zur Förderung der Berufsbiografiegestaltung, Vortrag zum Bildungskongress Karlsruhe: Integration als Bildungsaufgabe!? , 24.9.2016, Hochschule Technik und Wirtschaft Karlsruhe

ECER 2017:
Reimann, Daniela : Visual Approaches To Strengthen The Vocational Biographical Perspective With Digital Media, paper submitted to the European Conference on Educational Research ECER 2017 Copenhagen, 22 August 2017, ECER 2017 Copenhagen

Sancho Gil, Juana: Developing Visual Biographical Narratives as a Medium for Empowering Youth Self-esteem, ECER 2017 Copenhagen