Martina Mrakovčič and Meta Brečič, Zavod Nefiks, Slovenia

12 units of the Slovenian curriculum

The program we created was based on the aims and objectives on which we agreed on with other partners and our experiences with youth work, especially from the project Employment Clubs on which we are working since 2011, helping young people find a job (young people learn how to present themselves to potential employers, organize events, fill up their career plan …).

The curriculum is in the chronological order. The general aim of the first 5 units were for participants to start thinking about who they are and how could they present themselves to others (which information are important). This process helped them think about themselves and select the information they will present in their biographical narrative. In the units 6 to 10 biographical narratives were created. The units 11 and 12 included evaluation of the project and presentation of the products.

  • Getting started: why and about biographical narratives (BN)
  • My digital self, social media and job seeking
  • Putting information about onseself in a structure
  • Getting information and advices from relevant people
  • Personal Branding/Elevator Pitch
  • Presenting different examples of BN
  • Getting to know photo, video and audio essentials
  • Getting to know the programs to work with
  • Creating biographical narratives
  • Evaluating biographical narratives
  • Evaluating the project (group interview)
  • The final event, presentation

Photos of the process:

Example of a Video CV:

Examples of infographics: