The power of visualizing biographical narratives (Spain)

Prof. Dr. Juana M Sancho Gil and Dr. David Viñuales, University of Barcelona

During the implementation of the Show Your Own Gold project in Barcelona we took a lot of photos to document what was happening every day. We used these photos to create a video that summarizes the experience at the two schools, from the introduction of the project to the final presentation of the visual narratives at the University of Barcelona.

We also produced two videos where we asked the participants to talk about their experience and what they thought about the project. Here are the two videos, presented with subtitles in English (you can turn on subtitles on the YouTube player)

The main takeaway for the youngsters was that building the narratives was something different from what they usually do at school, something they enjoyed doing, and that the creation of their narratives forced them to think about themselves and the way they do things from a different point of view. Instead of focusing on the things they do wrong, which is something they are well aware of, they where asked to think about the thinks they do well, and celebrate them.